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Woocommerce USA Tax Rates

By 17 July, 2021July 20th, 2021No Comments

Open Source Project




Open Source Project From Delta-i Software

Woocommerce US All ZipCodes TaxRates

Link to GitHub:

Woocommerce Sales Tax Rates According To United States Of America Zip Codes This file consists of 39633 Zip Codes & Their Taxes taken from Avalara & Combined to make a import file in Woocommerce

To Import File Go to Woocommerce-> Settings-> Tax-> Standard Rates-> Import CSV -> Once upload is finished you will get a notice “All Done!”

Note: Make sure you have enabled “Enable tax rates and calculations” in Woocommerce-> Settings | if not the “Tax” tab will not be visible

Default File Settings :
Country Code: US
State Code: As Per The Zip Code
Postcode/Zip: This contains the Zip Code
City: This field is blank
Rate%: The percentage is listed for the zip code
Tax name: Tax
Priority: All set to “1”
Compound: Set to “1” which is enabled | if you want this to be disbaled please replace it with “0”
Shipping: Set to “0” which is disabled | if you want this to be enable please replace it with “1”

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