Future Of Food Ordering System In Your Hotel.

How Does It Work!

Walk-in Customer Scan's QR Code Placed On Table/Room

Walk-In customer can scan the QR code placed on the table/room to get the menu of your hotel with no third party app installation just scan with any phone or device.

Get's The Hotel Menu Offerings & Place The Order!

Swipe through all of your menu items to get what he/she needs to have & checkout with pay after the mean or checkout through online payment gateways.

Order Get's Delivered To Him Either By Your Waiter or Autonomous Robot.

The hotel will get the order to process it & which will be delivered by your waiter or our autonomous robot to the customer.

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Easy To Access Hotel Dashboard

Update menus provide better images & create a fluently designed menu for your customers to order.

Real-Time Orders

Get orders in real-time so that the preparation time doesn't get exceeded for the better service.

Get Proper Analytics

Get your business much better with your walk-in customer sales analytics & get better insights for your hotel.

Here Is What Your Hotel Looks Like Once QR Get's Its Job Done.

As soon as the customer has scanned the qr code placed on the table/room the screen will popup with your hotel details & your menu offering from different set of time to give the customer what’s better suitable for him/her at that particular time with much more details of food.

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