Automate Your Institute

Internet Of Things in your Institute

Bell Automation Product

Automation enables you to:

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Bell Automation

  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Automate almost everything
  • One time scheduling
  • Hassle free installation
  • Set weekdays
  • Interactive scheduling
  • 1 Year Replacement Guarantee (against manufacturing faults)
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Durable and long lasting
  • 100% Time Accuracy
  • Set n number of bells/day
  • Control everything from an app/web dashboard
  • Based on the latest microprocessors for further automation

Controlling made easy. Installation made easy. Operate through floor plan. Set your own rules, ReWrite Automation.

Advance Features

Scan For and Add Smart Devices
Control Almost Everyting
Set Automate Rules
Upload Your Floorplan
Extend your Gateway’s Capabilities
Enable Smart Assistant
Analytics of Your Electricity


Auto Updating Hardware Detections

Hardware Requirements


Microprocessor to manage software to run for your entire home

Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity to access control from anywhere.

Smart Plugs & Smart Bulbs

To add new appliances & to get analytics.

Sensors, Touch Screens, Micro-Controllers Etc.

Smart sensors to detect & control things automatically.


Does this need internet connection?

Yes it does need internet connection to make sure your all appliances are connected to the microproccessor this will be your private home network software unlike requiring a cloud server connection.

Can i add new appliance if any?

Yes, you can pair any appliance with the help of smart plugs & smart gadgets


How do i automate a buld to switch on at 6pm & off by 10pm?

You need to first add your bulb into the software then you can create an automation rule by drag & drop feature (If 6pm On Bulb1 & If 10pm Off Bulb1)

How can i automate motion sensor to switch on & off the fan?

You need to first add your fan & motion sensor into the software then you can create an automation rule by drag & drop feature (If Sensor Active “On” Fan1 & If Sensor Inactive “Off” Fan1)


What if i need to see only one room appliance though i have others in other rooms & floors?

You can upload your floor plan & accordingly you can drag & drop your appliances (Once Added) room wise & access your appliances room wise or floor wise

Automation For Better Electricity Control.

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