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Delta-i Cloud Business Suite

Get the most powerful set of business tools!

What you get once purchased

Why Business Suite?

Database Information

Security For Suite

Built-in Flexibility

Scale up, adopt new business models, Our business suite application flexibility lets you do it all, quickly and easily. You can use it for any business types, any industry. If you do not need any feature, you can simply disable it from Settings. Currency, language, timezone everything can be changed from Settings. No powered by, no copyright links, It’s yours.

Sales – Manage Invoices, Orders, Quotes

Sending invoices to customers is just the beginning, Invoicing system is also connected with your Accounting, Transactions. You can track your income from invoices. Also let your customers pay you online and on the spot.

Track your Income & Expenses

Now it’s easy to organize your business finances in one place. Instantly see how your business is performing, make smarter business decisions with instant access to key financials including income, expenses, outstanding invoices, and more.

Create deeper relationships with your customers

Our innovative solution gives you the fastest, most complete way to put your customers at the center of everything you do. It makes you more productive and your customers happier.

Feature-rich, affordable customer support software

Keep track of customer conversations, moreover, you can integrate support system to your existing website, softwares, solution through API. Save time, simplify customer supports.

Email & SMS Marketing

Build long-term relationships with meaningful email conversations with your customers. Create predefined email templates, send notifications to your customer for your new product or services.

Manage your products & services

No matter what industry you work in & what types of products or services you are offering to customers. You can manage it, create orders, track items, sell online to customers.

Things you need to know

Web Software

Access Anywhere

Login to deltai.in & access all of your purchased software

Ready To Use At Anytime

Regardless of time, device, location keep monitoring everything

Easy To Use

Keep track of customer conversations, moreover, you can integrate support system
An Application

Access From Your Device

Simply download the app enter your access key & you are good to go

Keep An Eye

Keep an eye on every on-going things which are important for you

App Available For All

One App for all softwares you purchase from Delta-i Software
After Sales Support

24/7 Support

Feel free to create a ticket or directly connect to support executive

Webinar Support

Video call support to solve your problem instantly


Well explained documentations will be provided

Access from any device

As a web software, you just need to login to deltai.in

Access anytime

Regardless of time & device access it around the clock

Simple To Use

Simple to create dynamic progress

Increase The Ease Of Use

As business suite is very easy to use invest time more in products & services

Best In CRM

Client portal which will enhance your presence

Manage It Without Breachs

Just a click ahead of invoices, reports & much more

Increase Productivity

Focus More

Analyze Accurate Reports

Enhance Capabilities


We handle the setup & running process

So you don't worry about any problem & keep your work going

Regular Backup

Regular backups will be provided so that nothing can be missed

Fast Response

No systematic errors or response problems in between work

Scale-able Structure

As your data expands you will never face any problem
Security Measures

Protection From Threats

Intelligent Pattern Recognition

Spam Protection

Input Sanitization

Malware Scanner

& Much More...

Create Value To Your Clients

Built-in client portal to make it easy for your clients to access what they deserve.

Built-in client portal to make everything work smooth & help your clients to get to your products & services more quickly & make things more transparent between you & your client with finest support

Better Support Better Customer Base

Support system enables you to provide quick real-time support for your clients

Provide direct support to your clients by using our software & make sure things work in the way it is expected & keep on track for your support & knowledge base things.

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A software from future

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  • CRM
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Why Delta-i Cloud Business Suite?

Choosing the best software will help you to be more confident & potentially better at work & make your business work more efficiently with more accurate data.

What we can help you achieve

Personal or corporate accounting with minimal options & anytime access with efficiently made features.

Access from any device

  • Mobile
  • Laptop/PC
  • Web-Based Software
  • High Load Time

Simple To Use

  • Simple Navigation
  • Graphic & UI Design
  • CustomerĀ Support
  • Easy Handling

Access anytime

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • Monitoring
  • Friendly Software

Best In CRM

  • Built-In Support
  • Client Portal
  • Knowledge Base
  • Client Relations Handling
Look Inside

Delta-i Cloud Business Suite

Get the most powerful set of business tools!