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Scooty Automation Using IoT

By 15 August, 2018November 22nd, 2020No Comments

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Internal Project of Delta-i Software


The challenge here is to automate every part of the scooty from headlights, engine, brakes, starting etc from the mobile phone of the user & add support to google assistant to control the scooty using voice.


The solution was to develop motherboard & embedded software to control the relays which will be installed in the scooty electrical parts & give real time inputs to the user mobile phone & controlling access on the mobile phone which can even have google assistance as voice controlling if the mobile is connected to the internet to transimit the data from mobile to scooty vice versa we have used Bluetooth as main service for this data transfer & for voice control it will use internet.


By using the solution described we have successfully developed & modified a scooty for using the motherboards & relays for the electrical system of the scooty for each & every component we do faced a critical error for not using thick wires for more sustainability eventually this was solved by replacing the wires which could be able to withstand such load & powering system.

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