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Inventory Management in Limra Computers

By 17 May, 2017November 22nd, 2020No Comments

Inventory Management System






The customer is a Hyderabad based IT provider for hardware products & services.


The customer operates multiple hardware stores & services in which they wanted to have a transparency of operations of all works which includes finance, purchasing, inventory, pos, staff, service details, accounting, CRM etc to be managed by a single system which can have different set of roles & can be managed hassle free for better output & ROI of the business.


The solution which was used for this problem was our Inventory Management System which was very handy to tackle such problems & get the business owner a brief information about what all work was being done & get their data for analytics of their sales & inventory without any hassle.


By using our solution Inventory Management System which was initially given for trial basis for a month to get them hands on experience the business owner & staff was quite good at getting there problems solved via the software after a month all the data which was created in trial basis were deleted & they started in production everything worked fine with better reliability, control & support of Delta-i Software team.

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