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American Auto Parts Selling Platform

By 20 February, 2021July 20th, 2021No Comments

Auto Parts Selling Platform




United States Of America


The customer is a American based company who are into selling Auto Parts across the US


The customer operates auto selling across US & wanted to centralize the Selling, Tracking & Authorizing for all the operations.


The solution was to develop a portal with ecommerce functionality where they can post their inventory & offer selling with a payment method which enables their customers to place the order via the website from their inventory & can manage their orders within there dashboards coming to the authorization from the buyer we had developed an E-Sign feature which has an compliance of UETA(Uniform Electronic Transactions Act)

This system makes sure every signature is encrypted as well as a unique checksum hash is allotted to every document & signature made which is only accessible by the portal management & the customer if any issue it can be revised by the US Government for further actions.

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